Chart drawn on a paper napkin

The idea for GHIT was conceived at a Japanese soba restaurant in Tokyo in the Fall of 2011

The problem on the table was: How can we leverage Japan’s untapped technology, innovation, and insights to address infectious diseases affecting millions of people in the developing world?

A match funding model was the critical component of realizing the idea for GHIT

The Government of Japan, the country's leading pharmaceutical companies, and international foundations establish GHIT: an R&D fund to invest in Japanese innovation for global health product development

The original idea was for a relatively small fund (several million USD) that would invest only in preclinical development of therapeutics

However, the idea evolved based on key input from public and private stakeholders

GHIT launched with USD 100 million fund for its first 5 years of operation to invest in product development from discovery through to licensure

The chart drawn on the paper napkin in a soba restaurant was officially realized with the GHIT Fund formally established in April 2013